Our Story

In the fall of 2003, Nancy was beginning her sophomore year, and Jesse his senior, at Quinnipiac University. Before classes began for the semester, Nancy was invited to a party in Complex (one of the dorms on campus) hosted by a WQAQ member. A friend was going to pick her up from Larson (her dorm) with her boyfriend, whom Nancy had only heard about. His name was Jesse, and from the moment they met something seemed to click.

They hung out that night with a group, and hit it off. At the time, Jesse was Program Director at WQAQ and Nancy was the Web Site Editor for The Chronicle. The organization offices were right across the hall in the Student Center, so the two saw a great deal of each other. After realizing they lived so close by (Jesse in the Bronx and Nancy in Queens), they began to spend time together outside of QU.

Time passed, and both were involved in other relationships. They spoke often about their lives, their significant others and about any and everything. Jesse graduated and moved back to the Bronx, but they stayed in touch and saw each other whenever time and hectic schedules allowed. A friendship developed and although they both tried to deny it, something more lingered just below the surface.

One summer night, Jesse took Nancy to City Island in the Bronx to a place called the Black Whale. Nancy will tell you that night is when she knew Jesse would be more than just her friend, even though she didn’t admit it until much later. But that transition wouldn’t happen until more than two years after their initial meeting.

As Nancy began her senior year at QU, she was trying to figure out what lay beyond graduation. Jesse was very busy with work, dividing his days between the YES Network, and 92.3 FreeFM (formerly, K-Rock). For the first time since they met, the pair found themselves without significant others. Not knowing what it would become, they decided to go on a few dates and see where it might lead them. On December 27, 2005, Jesse asked Nancy to be his girlfriend.

After a short time, the couple knew they had found their mate. The bond they began forming as friends grew into one of love, companionship and devotion. This was cemented further by the warm reception both Nancy and Jesse received when meeting their partner’s family. Jesse got a job at ESPN in Bristol, Conn., and moved up with Nancy who was living in Hamden while working at The New Haven Register. Later that year, Nancy left the Register for a job at QU’s School of Communications.

The pair made jokes and hinted at the topic for a while. Then on May 29, 2008, Jesse asked Nancy to marry him. Now the planning begins for their lifetime together.

A NOTE FROM THE HAPPY COUPLE: Since you are reading this, you obviously have played a part in our love story. We hope you enjoy this site we have made to enhance the festivities. Thank you for supporting us every step of the way, and for helping us celebrate our union!

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