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     Nancy - the more I learn about you the more I know how perfect you are for Jesse.
     Jesse - I'm missing the 2nd game of the ALCS for you guys -- don't know too many people I would do this for!!!!!!

Love, Sara

     I'm so fricking excited!!!!!!!! I love watching this day count down thing on your web site!!! You're wedding is getting me more excited then summer movie season, and Nancy you know how I love my movies! As disappointed as I am to not have to wear a dress, we will still have tons of fun!! I'll bring some crazy just in case. LOL There will be a bar there, yes?

--Erik (Nancy's friend who likes to push the boundaries)

     Just wanted to say Mazel Tov on Jesse's upcoming wedding. Delighted to hear about this and of course wish them much happiness.

Love, Aunt Harriet (Jesse's great aunt)

     Just wanted to say congrats. I saw you were engaged on Victors fridge. I saw the save the date. Best of luck to both of you. I cant believe we all grew up together and now we are all married or getting married and some of us even have kids. Best of luck to you both.

--Jennifer (sister of groomsman Victor)

     Hey Nancy. As I texted you this morning I got your save the date card in the mail, I was having a rough morning and it really did make me smile as soon as I saw the envelope. I'm so so happy for you, you absolutely deserve to be as happy as is humanly possible in life and you guys make me believe that everything in life will eventually work out. Oh and by the way I am so jealous of the cold stone cakes = ). The website is so cool and your registry is an amazing idea. Love you and miss you.

--Kristina (Nancy's friend)

     I've been imming with my nephew, but I wanted to tell you as well. You KNOW tears came to my eyes when I opened up a certain piece of mail today!! OFFICIAL AND FOR REAL AND SO INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL!! Jesse just told me you guys created the entire website, mostly you, which impresses me more than I can tell you because I SO don't understand how it's done. Such talent. You, and the two of you, are a joy and a blessing to those who love you. Like me.

Love, Lesli (Jesse's aunt)

     I've never been a mother-in-law before....never even close... so if I begin to ramble or repeat myself or get real sappy click me off, pronto.
     Nothing in this world could ever be more important to me than the happiness of my this case Jesse, to be specific. When he looks at you I see love in his eyes. When he talks about you I hear the pride he owns. When I see the two of you together I know you are not merely standing next to each other but standing with each other and the foundation on which you stand is stable and unwaivering. Not only have you won my son's heart,'ve won mine. Thank you for becoming my daughter.

--Robyn (Jesse's mom)

     You both suck for making me cry. I love you, and am so happy for you. (and Tommy's happy he is going to have an Uncle Jesse!) I read your page out loud when I was reading it, so Dad and Jen could hear. Dad would be - he is - so happy and proud. Now you suck even more for making me cry again!   xoxoxo

Love, Christine (Nancy's sister)

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